Hike on the Gunthersteig

On the trail of St. Gunther: the Gunthersteig in ARBERLAND follows the route taken by the founder of the Rinchnach Monastery. From the Niederalteich Monastery on the Danube, the path crosses the Danube Valley, up to the village of Rinchnach and on to the small border crossing at Gsenget.

From Easter until the end of October, passionate pilgrims and nature lovers can complete the Guntersteig with a guide and without having to carry their luggage. Departing from the Niederalteich Monastery on the Danube, the path goes deep into the Bavarian Forest and across the border to the Bohemian village of Dobrá Voda.

Markierung Gunthersteig
Rinchnach and Frauenbrünnl
Across the Danube Valley, through Niederalteich and Hengersberg, the path then goes through Auerbach in the Lalling area.

The path then passes through extensive forests and rolling pastures to Kirchberg and then via the viewing point at Sommersberg to Rinchnach. From here, the path passes the open air stage for the Gunther Pageant at Gehmannsberg, up to Frauenbrünnl, Gunther’s former hermitage.

The Small Border Crossing at Gsenget
The path crosses the Rinchnach at Zimmerau and then on to Bärnzell and Zwiesel. After crossing the Zwiesel Town Square, the path leaves the town, passing through pretty fields up to Lindberg. Through the forest, the path continues to Spiegelhütte and the Bavarian Forest National Park.

From Scheuereck the path rises towards the border range, to the small border crossing at Gsenget. Onwards, the path can be followed via Prášily to St. Günthersberg and Dobrá Voda.

The stages of the walk:

  • Day 1: Niederalteich – Lalling, 21 kilometres, approx. 5 hours
  • Day 2: Lalling – Rinchnach, 19 kilometres, approx. 5 hours
  • Day 3: Rinchnach – Lindberg, 21 kilometres, approx. 5 hours
  • Day 4: Lindberg – Dobrá Voda, 27 kilometres, approx. 8 hours (to Prášily/Stubenbach 14 kilometres, 4 hours)

On request: guide for individual stages or the whole walk.
Minimum cost per stage: €26

For those coming by train:
Transfer from and to Deggendorf station €23 (up to 3 people), for each additional person €4.50.

Luggage transfer:
According to distance, from €12

Border Crossing
The Gunthersteig crosses at the small border crossing Scheuereck – Prášily/Stubenbach. Crossing by walkers and cyclists is allowed from 1st June until 30th September from 6.00 to 22.00 and from 1st October until 15th November from 8.00 to 18.00.

Verkehrsamt Lallinger Winkel
Hauptstraße 28 , 94551 Lalling
Tel. 09904 374, Fax 09904 7279
E-Mail: info@lalling.de
Internet: www.lallingerwinkel.de

Wandern mit der Familie im ArberLand Bayerischer Wald. Foto: Touristisches Service Center/Blöchinger. Morgenstimmung auf dem Panoramaweg in Patersdorf. Foto: LRA Regen. Aussichtsfelsen im ArberLand mit Blick in die weite Landschaft. Foto: Touristisches Service Center/Friesl.
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