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Closed Hiking Paths in the ARBERLAND

Information on lumber work or the breeding season of the peregrine falcon. Detours that are necessary because of storm or hurricane damage, tour suspensions because of events.

  • Path service for the hiker in the area of the national park, always the latest information.

Breeding of peregrine falcons expected somewhat earlier due to mild weather conditions
Hiking trail through the Höllbachgespreng will be closed as early as February 1
Lindberg/Grafenau. As in previous years, the hiking trail through the Höllbachgespreng below the Großer Falkenstein will be closed to National Park visitors, but this year already from February 1, 2023. This is intended to enable the territorial peregrine falcons to breed undisturbed.
"Because of the relatively mild winter, we cannot currently rule out the possibility that the peregrine falcons will begin mating earlier this year. An earlier start of breeding in the Höllbachgespreng would then also be expected," explains Jochen Linner, responsible for nature and species conservation in the national park administration. "That's why we're closing the hiking trail between the Höllbach Falls and the Hüttensteig forest road junction two weeks earlier this year than last year." From February 1, 2023, the trail with the Green Triangle and Blueberry markings will no longer be accessible to visitors, initially until April 30.
For the population of peregrine falcons, which remains endangered in the Bavarian Forest, the well-known hiking area below the Großer Falkenstein is of great importance. "Unfortunately, there are not so many places in the national park region that are suitable for a peregrine falcon brood," explains Jochen Linner. "For this, the peregrine falcons need steep cliffs that are as inaccessible as possible and well protected from the weather. The Höllbachgespreng is therefore the ideal place, as breeding successes in recent years have shown. It is all the more important that the animals are as undisturbed as possible during mating and rearing their chicks." Only experts from the Landesbund für Vogelschutz and national park staff occasionally take a look at the breeding area from a distance to see whether a brood is in progress or successful. If necessary, the closure of the hiking trail through the Höllbachgespreng will be extended until June 30.
However, visitors do not have to miss out on the Höllbach Falls nature experience during the closure. Only from there, a clearly marked detour leads via the hiking line Silberblatt and the Sulzschachten to the Großer Falkenstein. The National Park Authority appeals to visitors to adhere to the temporary path closure and generally to the path prohibition in the core zone. Other endangered inhabitants of the national park, for example the capercaillie, are also very sensitive to disturbance during breeding. Therefore, other unmarked trails and paths may not be used in the core zone of the national park until July 15, 2024.

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