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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Ausblick vom Riedelstein zum Großen Arber und ins Zellertal
Ausblick vom Mittagsplatzl nach Bayerisch Eisenstein
Blick vom Turm am Hirschenstein.
Ausblick vom Kleinen Rachel
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The Four Seasons Region – Geißkopf

In Summer – Bikepark, archery park, hiking and resting.

In Winter -  popular ski resort with snowmaking system – floodlight skiing – tobbogan run – snow and fun park – “Geisslein Park”
Refreshments will be served by the gastronomy with typical Bavarian meals, delicacies and smooth beer.

A hike round the 1097m high Geißkopf near Bischofmais offers not only a lot of unforgettable wonders of nature. The ruins of the abanoned forest village Oberbreitenau tell about the hard life of the mountain farmers in the Bavarian Forest. Well marked hiking paths and forest roads lead on its top. If you want it more comfortable you can use the chairlift.

Hike from mountain to mountain
On top of the mountain you are attracted by the cosy mountain house "Geißkopfhütte" and the wooden look-out.  It offers overwhelming clear views over the border mountains: the Kaitersberge, the Osser, the Großer Arber, the Falkenstein, the Lusen and the Rachel over to the Dreisessel.

Hikers, for whom one mountain is not enough, can reach easily the neighbour summits Breitenauerriegel, Dreitannenriegel and Einödriegel from the mountainstation of the Geißkopfbahn.


  • place

    94253 Bischofsmais

  • GPS -data

    longitude 13.03753
    latitude 48.92394