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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Gruppenwanderung am Goldsteig
Wandern auf dem Goldsteig
Wandern im ARBERLAND, Frühmorgens im Nebel
Familienfreundliches Wandern im ARBERLAND
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Long Distance Trails in the ARBERLAND

Long Distance Hiking Trails in, around and through the ARBERLAND

For hikers that like to explore the Bavarian Forest in several day trips, the long distance trails with a distance of up to 217 km are recommendable. Among them are numbered the Northern (E6) and the Southern main hiking trail (E8) as well as well-known routes like Goldsteig, Böhmweg, Gläsener Steig, Gunthersteig and Pandurensteig.

The Goldsteig belongs to the “Top Trails of Germany”, is certified “Quality Path Wonderful Germany” and the longest and versatile rating paths of Germany.