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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Wanderer am Albrechtsschachten im Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald
Waldbahn mit Blick auf dem Arber
Wanderschmankerl, Wandern am Rissloch
Wanderung zur Hans-Watzlik-Hain bei Zwieseler Waldhaus
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Hiking in the Bohemian Forest

Hiking on the Green Rooftop of Europe

The Bavarian –Bohemian forest mountain ridge is more and more recognised as really borderless hiking region. It stood to reason to add some top-hiking tours from the bordering Sumava to the new hiking book.

The idea: Locals and guests, Bavarian and Czechs hold ONE hiking book in their hands, with which they can hike the best tours on the COMMON "Green Rooftop of Europe".

"Hiking is the perfect way of movement, if you discover the real life. It is the way to freedom" - Elizabeth von Arnim


Following you find the roadbooks for the hiking tours in Šumava with altitude profile, map as well as detailed description:

The maps of the roadbooks were provided by courtesy of Thank you very much again!

The System of marking of hiking paths on Czech Republic is very simple: Hiking paths are marked open terrain with the colours blue, yellow, red and green on white ground.  

On the maps of you can find these colours again in the “hiking lines”. In order to clarify route in the route descriptions, the tours were also foregrounded graphically.

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