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The 1080m high Mühlriegel is the landmark mountain of the municipality Arnbruck in the Bavarian Forest. Here the hikers cannot only find peace and silent contemplation, but also with a bit of luck a piece of cat’s silver or mica slate as a souvenir.

At the Mühlriegel is a cabin and a big summit cross. Here mountain masses are held on Christian holidays.

Different hiking paths lead to the Mühlriegel:

  • the long distance trail E6 that leads from the Großer Riedelstein over the Ecker Sattel and the course of ridge to the Arber
  • the Goldsteig through the shining depths of the forest of the high altitude path between the Arber and the Kaitersberg; start is at the Ecker Sattel or in Bodenmais
  • the ascent at the municipality Arnbruck
Arriving at the top you are rewarded with a wide view on the drawn-out back of the Hoher Bogen, next to the Künisch mountain range with the Zwercheck and the Osser- double summit. Idyllic is also the view down to the green Zellertal, behind which the Danube mountains arise. 


  • place

    93471 Arnbruck

  • GPS -data

    longitude 13.014835
    latitude 49.156978