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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Ausblick vom Riedelstein zum Großen Arber und ins Zellertal
Ausblick vom Mittagsplatzl nach Bayerisch Eisenstein
Blick vom Turm am Hirschenstein.
Ausblick vom Kleinen Rachel
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Through the high moor to the top
At the crest of the front of the Bavarian Forest the 1.114m high Breitenauiegel arises. Its direct closeness to the neighbouring summits Geißkopf und Dreitannenriegel allows extended mountain hikes with view on the Alps.

Historical things in the middle of the moor

The high plateau is not only known for its world of rare plants. In the year 1585 it was inhabited for about 350 years by mountain farmers that should make the forest arable on behalf of the lord of the castle in Weißenstein. Leftovers of the once highest situated settlement in the upper Bavarian Forest can still be found today.

The Landshuter Haus is an ideal starting point to hike through the landscape and the mountains around the Breitenauerriegel. Recommendable is an ascent to the Geißkopf and the Dreitannenriegel. When there is nice weather you have a view over wide parts of Lower Bavaria, at the horizon the snow covered summits of the Alps blaze.


  • place

    94253 Bischofsmais

  • GPS -data

    longitude 13.03005
    latitude 48.90643