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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Gruppenwanderung am Goldsteig
Wandern auf dem Goldsteig
Wandern im ARBERLAND, Frühmorgens im Nebel
Familienfreundliches Wandern im ARBERLAND
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Pilgrimage Routes in and through the ARBERLAND

On the way to the own self

Pilgrimage has tradition, for centuries people follow pilgrimage paths. We know pilgrimage from all religions and cultures from all parts of the world at all times.

Pilgrimage, spiritual hiking, clears the mind, you can turn off daily routine.

The journey is the reward – that strengthens and gives power.

The way does not last forever. It is a bless to walk it for a time, but one day it will end, so be prepared to say goodbye.

Wallfahrtskirche FrauenbrünnlTourist-Information Rinchnach

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